1. Harmony 1X1

    With a wide variety of design opportunities, the Harmony offers a jewel-toned line that will fit any pool – even one with tight radius curves and forms. Perfect for raised bond beams, waterline, and all-tile pools / spas, the Harmony is a versatile line is perfect fit for any pool / spa.

  2. Unglazed 1X1

    For residential and commercial use, these tiles are perfect for step trim, lane marking and waterline.


  3. USP 1×1

    A classic tile with a wide range of design options, the USP 1×1, 2X2, 3X3 offers an engaging variety of gem-like tones and hues, and is the perfect choice for any pool / spa decor. Mix and match the 1×1, 2X2 and 3X3 tiles, and even utilize complimentary colors to design your perfect entertainment environment!