Stone 3X3, 6X6

Natural beauty shines through this subtle-toned, textured line. The Stone Series features multi-hued gradients, with a versatile offering of 3X3 and 6X6 sizes, allowing you to mix and match colors and tiles to create an infinite range of designs. Stop by your local US Pool Tile branch to see this stunning tile up close!


NOTE: Roll your mouse over the swatches below to see a “virtual preview” of this tile in a pool setting.
  • STO6304, BONE
    STO6304, BONE
  • STO304, BONE
    STO304, BONE
  • STO6305, BLUE
    STO6305, BLUE
  • STO305, BLUE
    STO305, BLUE
  • STO6306, BROWN
    STO6306, BROWN
  • STO306, BROWN
    STO306, BROWN
  • STO6307, GREEN
    STO6307, GREEN
  • STO307, GREEN
    STO307, GREEN
  • STO6308, DARK BLUE
    STO6308, DARK BLUE