1. Cloud Akron

    An extremely versatile line, the Cloud / Akron series offers stunning jewel colors with unique textures, all set in a smooth glazed tile. The design possibilities are limitless with its 2X2, 3X3 and Deco options.


  2. Beachwave

    A dazzling line featuring textured tones and a silky-smooth finish, the Beachwave tile offers a fine balance of active patterns and tranquil colors. This superb choice can make any pool / spa decor shine!

  3. Botanical

    Brilliant colors, tones and textures mix with a splash in the Botanical Series. This lively line features subtle floral patterns surrounded by classic patterns and glossy gem-like colors. A beautiful addition to any pool / spa environment.


  4. Debutante

    A timeless deco pattern, the Debutante Series is an ornate masterpiece – sure to add a touch of elegance to any pool / spa decor


  5. Florence

    The Florence Series captures classic European architectural lines, and contains inspired embossed motifs within its timeless pattern. A jewel toned tile with complimentary stone colors, this classic beauty is a sure hit, and can beautify any backyard entertainment environment.


  6. LIstello

    A refreshing and gorgeous pattern tile, the Listello features horizontal borders with diamond shapes adding a lively look to any pool / spa environment. This attractive tile comes in both glossy jewel colors and dusty earth tones.


  7. Luciana

    The gorgeous Luciana is a graceful line creating an inspirational pattern along the waterline. Featuring gem-like colors, patterns and embossing, the Luciana is an ageless classic.


  8. Moonbeam

    Rich colors, refined textures, and dynamic patterns emerge from the Moonbeam line. This stunning glossy tile literally sparkles in the sun, and will capture your eye in any outdoor entertainment environment! This tile must be seen in person to appreciate its beauty – stop by your local showroom and ask for a sample.


  9. New Surf

    A lively and energetic pattern tile, the New Surf Series can add a spash of color to any pool / spa decor. With it’s classic wave pattern surrounded by a subtle floral pattern, this tile offers both glossy gem colors and dusty earth tones.


  10. Random Block

    A versatile and beautifully designed line, the Random Block Series includes both 3X3 and a random pattern tile that allows an infinite combination of design opportunities. Deep, rich colors and textures, all within a smooth, glazed tile.