1. Venato Decos

    The Venato series is an Italian tile that naturally pairs earthy textures with stunning marine tones and hues. Complimented with a refined Deco tile, the 2×2 and 6×6 sizes can create virtually any pattern, style or design for your pool / spa environment. Stop in and ask any of our sales representatives to show how this natural beauty can be “mixed and matched” to create limitless design options.

  2. Tuscany Decos

    Created with inspiration from classic Italian architecture and sculpture, the new Tuscany tile is a naturally beautiful series. Featuring limitless design options thanks to its 2×2, 3×3, 6×6 and Deco options, this line was designed to mix and match tiles to create the ultimate pool / spa / entertainment environment. Stop by our showroom to see this elegant and artistic new tile in person.