1. CIRRUS 6×6 Series

    This gorgeous new textured tile features the subtle and dreamlike shifts and tones of a dazzling cloudscape. Sure to be a hit with any pool / spa entertainment environment, this tile must be seen in person to appreciate its natural beauty.

  2. Pacifico 6×6

    With textures and tones inspired directly by the Pacific Coast, the new and exciting Pacifico Series captures the essence of the mountains-to-the-sea landscape and seascape. A versatile line, the 6×6 and 2×2 sizing allows this beautiful tile to work with most any waterline, raised bond beam, BBQ or other outdoor amenity.

  3. Komodo 6×6

    The incredible Komodo Series features some of the most striking textures we’ve seen. This tile creates quite an impact, while its subtle shifts of natural hues and tones brings a sophisticated look to any pool / spa environment.

  4. Mediterranean Oceano 6×6

    A stunning new line – the Mediterranean Oceano tile is a naturally beautiful tile featuring a richly textured surface, with traces of oceanic tones and hues. This prominent 6×6 tile is a gorgeous blend of color, texture, sophistication and design.


  5. Stone 6X6

    Natural beauty shines through this subtle-toned, textured line. The Stone Series features multi-hued gradients, with a versatile offering of 3X3 and 6X6 sizes, allowing you to mix and match colors and tiles to create an infinite range of designs. Stop by your local US Pool Tile branch to see this stunning tile up close!


  6. Terranova 6×6 Series

    The stunning and deeply textured Terranova tile is a one-of-a-kind tile with a striking look. If you are looking to make an impact with your choice of pool / spa tile, look no further. Featuring gorgeous colors and shifts in hues, the name Terranova means “New Earth” and this naturally elegant tile can add a quite an impact to any backyard entertainment environment.

  7. Venato 6×6

    The Venato series is an Italian tile that naturally pairs earthy textures with stunning marine tones and hues. Complimented with a refined Deco tile, the 2×2 and 6×6 sizes can create virtually any pattern, style or design for your pool / spa environment. Stop in and ask any of our sales representatives to show how this natural beauty can be “mixed and matched” to create limitless design options.

  8. Tuscany 6×6

    Created with inspiration from classic Italian architecture and sculpture, the new Tuscany tile is a naturally beautiful series. Featuring limitless design options thanks to its 2×2, 3×3, 6×6 and Deco options, this line was designed to mix and match tiles to create the ultimate pool / spa / entertainment environment. Stop by our showroom to see this elegant and artistic new tile in person.

  9. Pool Star 6X6

    A classic line of jewel tones and earthy textures, this pleasing tile comes in both 6X6 and 3X3 sizes – offering you a wide variety of design options. Use on raised bond beams, waterline, BBQs and other outdoor amenities.


  10. Marbelized 6X6

    The Marbleized line features deep, richly colored textures and a glossy, smooth finish. With both 3X3 and 6X6 coordinated tiles, this line is as versatile as it is beautiful.